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About The National Football Foundation

Promoting the good in the game since 1947

Who We Are

The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, Inc. (NFF) is a member-supported, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the future of amateur football at the local, state and national levels. Since its beginnings in 1947, the Foundation has relied upon the support of volunteers to bring its mission and goals to communities all across the nation. Today, thanks to the more than 100,000 volunteers who generously became members over the past 59 years, the National Football Foundation has grown to 120 chapters with a presence in 48 states.

There is no prerequisite football experience required to become a member; in fact, many of our members never even played organized football. Our membership base includes nearly every profession, race, religion and creed. Our members are men and women, fans, parents, players, coaches, referees and administrators. They work as educators, business people, doctors, lawyers, sales people, laborers, policeman, firefighters, politicians, engineers, etc. Our members have served our country's highest office, walked on the moon, led our soldiers into battle, won the Heisman Trophy, ruled on the U.S. Supreme Court, coached in Super Bowls and National Championship games, built financial empires, made movies, saved lives and imparted wisdom. Our members share one common bond: their love for amateur football.

Today, our current membership base tops 12,000 - and we are growing. As membership increases, so does the overall strength of the Foundation. Your support helps widen our span of influence, allowing the Foundation to expand its positive effects on the game, our communities and our young people.

The mission of the Foundation and our members, simply stated, is to ensure and promote the future of amateur football. If you are not already a member, or if you have been a member in the past, we hope you will join in our effort to see this mission through.

For more information on how to become a member of The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, Inc., call (972) 556-1000 or email:

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and develop the power of amateur football in developing the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, competitive zeal and the drive for academic excellence in America's young people.

We will fulfill this mission in the following ways:

  • By inspiring young people to excellence: holding up the greatest players and coaches in the history of the game as role models and enshrining them and their achievements in the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • By exciting young people, and those who influence them, about the game: in particular, managing the College Football Hall of Fame in such a way as to dramatize the history, exhilaration and value of the game to an ever broadening audience of fans and potential fans.
  • By developing, managing and promoting model football programs, which further strengthen the educational and character building qualities of the game.
  • By honoring, publicizing and providing financial support to high school and college football players who represent our ideal of the scholar-athlete.
  • By continuing a grassroots movement, through local chapters, while involving football fans, coaches, educators, the media and former players in the implementation of the programs, which will fulfill our mission for America. Through this mission, The Foundation serves not only youth, but the nation as well.

What We Do

  • Educating and protecting opportunities for the young people who play the game.
  • Telling the stories that promote the power of amateur football in developing leadership and a powerful sense of community on
  • Inducting the greatest coaches and players in the College Football Hall of Fame at the NFF Annual Awards Dinner in New York City.
  • Establishing the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951 and utilizing the 94,256 square-foot state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Atlanta as a national platform to promote the good in the game while immortalizing the game's greatest legends.
  • Bestowing the coveted William V. Campbell Trophy, presented by Fidelity Investments and prominently displayed at its official home inside the New York Athletic Club, to the nation's top college football scholar-athlete.
  • Distributing more than $1.3 million to high school and college scholar-athletes, including the prestigious NFF National Scholar-Athlete Awards, presented by Fidelity Investments.
  • Recognizing the nation's top student-athletes from all divisions in The NFF Hampshire Honor Society.
  • Inducting our nation's most influential citizens into the NFF Leadership Hall of Fame.
  • Partnering with the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) to conduct the "FWAA-NFF Super 16" poll, which ranks the top 16 teams in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision during the regular college football season.
  • Energizing a nationwide network of 12,000 members and 121 chapters that collectively stage more than 1,000 events, reaching more than 5,000 high schools and 500,000 young football players each year.
  • Dramatizing the history and stressing the value of the game to fans and key audiences through the activation of a series of programs and initiatives, including the NFF Annual Awards Dinner, and the NFF On-Campus Salutes and the NFF Faculty Salutes, presented by Fidelity Investments.